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Service foreword

You are welcome to access and use the FileExtract service to confirm your agreement and to the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service outlined below. These terms apply to the entire site. This service is operated by FoxPDF Ltd ( ) (USA). We may at any time choose to correct or modify these Terms of Use. If there is a change, we will clearly indicate such changes and the date of modification at the top of this page.

Allowed service

First, use our services to not do bad things and use our services to do bad things. The online conversion service provides the ability to convert and modify files in different file formats. This service is available through the web interface and mobile apps. You agree to abide by the policies and restrictions regarding the use of the OnlineConvert service, the maximum number and size of files that users can upload through the service. You agree to our service policy.

Service package

By purchasing a prepaid package, you can extend the allowed usage of the service (conversion minutes and total files). All payments are one-time prepayment and are non-refundable. We will activate the purchased package in your account as soon as we receive your payment. As long as you do not terminate your account, the conversion minutes and total amount of the package will not expire.

Subscription service

Monthly payment. Unused conversion minutes and total file size will expire. Subscriptions add monthly credits to your account. Unused points will expire at the end of the billing period. All payments are non-refundable. We will activate the subscription in your account as soon as we receive your payment and will renew it within one month of your payment. You can unsubscribe at any time on the OnlineConvert website, which will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. You can change your subscription to another plan at any time, but the remaining points for the current billing cycle will expire.

Service availability

We guarantee 99% uptime. If we fail, you will take back your money. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to make each service available with a percentage of uptime of at least 99% per month. The percentage of monthly uptime is calculated by subtracting the percentage of minutes in the month in which the service is unavailable from 100%. If OnlineConvert does not meet this availability, you will be eligible for a refund.

Refund policy

In order to receive a refund, you must submit a statement with at least the following information:

You want to indicate a detailed description and URL for the service not available or error

The date and time of each unavailable service you declare

Problem and exclusion

You are not eligible for a refund below:

1: Any published maintenance results (maintenance period is posted on the Service Status page).

2: It is caused by a corrupted or incompatible request or file that you provided.

3: It is caused by an input file that is not supported. You can use the free version of OnlineConvert to check for support for specific files.

4: It is caused by the conversion type and is marked as 'test'.

5: It is caused by factors beyond our reasonable control, including any issues related to force majeure events or Internet access.

Data responsibility

We will not back up and keep a copy of your files for data protection reasons. Although we try to ensure that the service is error free, we cannot guarantee that your files will not be damaged, deleted or lost. You acknowledge that you have a copy of all the files and we are not responsible for any failures caused by the process you uploaded.

Privacy Policy

We are important to privacy. Terms of Service include a privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Copyright policy

Our services and intellectual property rights may not be used in any form of infringement. You are the only data responsible for sending to the OnlineConvert service. OnlineConvert does not monitor customer content.


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Les cinq étoiles les plus élevées (1,692 Commentaires)

Almeida Braym MarianeSource :

Un grand merci à l'équipe FileExtract, elle peut extraire et décompresser divers fichiers compressés en ligne. Cet outil est vraiment créatif et facile à utiliser. Les amis qui souhaitent décompresser des fichiers en ligne ne devraient pas le manquer !

Pourquoi utiliser FileExtract ?

Aucun téléchargement ni installation requis : il vous suffit de visiter le site Web FileExtract pour commencer

  • Protégez vos fichiers

    Après avoir téléchargé votre fichier, le système le supprimera automatiquement après 24 heures. Vous pouvez donc l'utiliser en toute sécurité.

  • Décompression de fichiers puissante

    Décompressez automatiquement divers fichiers compressés. Vous permet de prévisualiser et d'afficher divers fichiers compressés

  • Téléchargez le fichier décompressé

    Cliquez pour afficher le fichier et télécharger le fichier décompressé. Vous pouvez compresser et télécharger plusieurs fichiers en même temps.

Que fait FileExtract ?

Extrayez facilement les formats ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z et divers autres formats de fichiers à l'aide de notre extracteur de fichiers en ligne pratique - Entièrement gratuit et simple à utiliser ! Une fois téléchargé, votre fichier sera automatiquement supprimé après 24 heures pour une sécurité renforcée, permettant une décompression sûre de divers formats avec la possibilité de prévisualiser et d'afficher les fichiers compressés. Cliquez simplement pour afficher et télécharger des fichiers décompressés, même en compressant et en téléchargeant plusieurs fichiers simultanément.